Tuesday, May 01, 2007

An hour and a half

After a week of no work and no pay, I finally logged onto the company website today, and was excited and happy to finally find work to do. I planned to work the whole day, getting in as many hours as I could because I knew that tomorrow I would only get two hours at the most.

I was happily zipping along, and glad to be working again, and BOING...after only one and a half hours of working, I received the dreaded message "NO MORE WORK AVAILABLE. CONTACT SUPERVISOR FOR FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS". I just about popped a vessel! But then calmed myself down and thought maybe they were just slow at scanning and downloading new papers, and kept checking back.

After about an hour of this, I checked the company main page and it said that the project I was working on was completed and finished! Isn't that just dandy for them?

I am already signed up for the next project that starts on May 8th. I will give it another shot, but it's the same bullcrap as this project was, it's not worth another minute of my time and aggravation.


look_an_atheist said...

Are you starting to get the imprint of the keyboard permanently imbedded in your forehead yet?

I can't believe how frustrating that job has ended up being for you. Yikes!!! I'll bet it takes an enormous amount of self-restraint not to turn the air blue whenever you talk to them!

Stardust said...

laa -
I turn purple with restraint, actually! I have to keep telling myself these are my employers. If this was any other business I would be giving them a blunt piece of my mind and tell them to shove it.

I just got an email asking me to accept or decline a June project, this time paid per paper I score. hmmm. That sounds a bit like there could be benefit for them, and no benefit to me! I am on to their little schemes now and find it hard to trust them anymore.

I will do the May project, then if all goes well, this June project, but I have pretty much decided...three strikes and they are out. I don't have to drive anywhere, and is just costing my time, so will give them a couple of chances. Hopefully this first project was just unusually fast and easy.