Sunday, June 07, 2009

Mary here visiting

I've been enjoying our time with Mary and David so far. They arrived here on Wednesday after driving through the night in her 2001 Neon with no a/c. Mary is a true road warrior like her father!

So good to see her again, and to meet David. Haven't seen Mary since November when she was here over Thanksgiving! She flew here back then. Whether she is here for a few days or a couple of weeks, it's never long enough and time goes by too quickly.

Nice to hear Mary and Dave play duets on their trumpets, it sound so pretty. They have similar sounds and blend very nicely together.

We've been eating out some days, which is nice for me! Standing and cooking is a bit hard for me right now since the foot is still giving me problems...pain when standing or walking too much. Grrr! We went out for pizza at Chicago Dough Company the first night they were here and got the all-you-can-eat buffet. All I can eat is three or four pieces, at most but also make room for the yummy, buttery cinnamon sticks with icing. :)

Then we ordered Chinese food a couple nights ago. Even with the whole family for dinner, we still have leftovers two days later.

Today we went to our favorite breakfast place called Lumes. I tried something different today and ordered the chocolate, strawberry, banana crepes...and I think I am now addicted to them. I could only eat one, but brought leftovers home. They're mine! All mine!

Some went into a food coma for awhile and fell into a long sleep, and then Mary and Dave are now over and the Commons band shell playing trumpet in the great outdoors. As good as they are, I am sure they have managed to attract an audience.

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