Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hot and humid...blah!

Thank goodness for air conditioning. But we are going to have an enormous bill if this heat keeps up. It's incredibly hot and humid here, and I can't imagine being without a/c like my poor sister and her hubby. Their a/c unit caught fire a couple days ago and they have had repairmen working on it for two days. My Mom and Dad's a/c also went out yesterday and fortunately theirs was able to be repaired in one evening. Otherwise they would have had to go stay with my brother with their little dog till it was fixed. This is the kind of weather where the cooling centers are full of over-heated people and pets.

Hard to believe that just a couple weeks ago people were complaining that it was so cold and wondering when the summer weather was going to arrive. Well, now here it is. I had a hunch that we were going to get hit with extreme heat after freezing for so long.

My flowers are loving it. I bought some hens and chicks to plant yesterday and still haven't done so yet. Something is happening to me now that I am older. I love to plant stuff and I actually can cook. Guess I am getting to that "grandma" stage, but only need the grandbabies to make it all complete. Hear me Jeff and Whitney??? ;-) (wink)

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