Monday, June 22, 2009

Give me my senior citizen discounts!

At first I was resistant to the AARP card and admitting that I was now getting into the senior citizen "age range" and kept ignoring the advertisements and invitations to join AARP after my 50th birthday a few years ago. But then I needed new glasses and when they tallied up the tab for that I was like EEEEGHADS! $430 for new lineless bifocals. Well, the girl at the eye place said that if I had an AARP card I could get 20-30% off, so I went home and signed up online. I went back to the eye place and ordered my new glasses for only $320. Still a lot, but much better than before. A big savings.

Now I am paying attention to what I can get for merely being old. LOL! I can soon get the Senior menu prices at Denny's for just being 55 (which happens in a couple of months! yay!) and I can get free coffee at different restaurants and shops. I can get 10% off at certain stores on certain days. Kohl's has senior citizen day on Wednesday (or is it Tuesday?) where older people get 20% off.

Aging has its advantages. :-)


Andrea said...

I love Kohls!

I've noticed that I'm starting to feel a little different now than ten years ago (I'm 31), mostly that now I lose my train of thought more often or forget little things here and there. It weirds me out a bit. But I also look back and can see how much I've matured and calmed down about a lot of things.

Btw, I'm posting at a new blog now. The other one (at booze infused thoughts) is kaput.

Stardust said...

Hi Andrea! Good to hear from you!

I love Kohl's too. I find so many good deals there.

31, you are just a baby! LOL! I think a lot about losing one's train of thought, etc is having a family to keep up with. We moms are so busy keeping track of everything that we sort of go on "overload".