Sunday, January 11, 2009

Snow and more snow

Today it's snowing again. We got about eight inches of the white stuff last night and today we are supposed to get a couple more inches. We have had an unusual snowy and cold winter, so far. We have had a various amount of snow on the ground since before Thanksgiving and that hasn't happened in years and years in our area. If I wasn't afraid of falling and knocking my screws out or breaking something, I would love to go for a walk in this. When it's snowing everything is so quiet, peaceful.

But I have been working on my exercises to get well. I have lost five more pounds and hope that is just from working out and not the Lupus. When I went to the doctor the other day, she said that my blood bone enzymes were very elevated and probably means that I am having a RA or Lupus flare. I have been feeling aching all over like I have the flu and nothing really helps much except Norco when it gets unbearable. What I really would love is a soak in the hot tub, but hubby still hasn't fixed the leak. He is having a sciatica problem and so he would benefit from the hot tub, as well. I wish he would just hire someone to come fix the damn thing once and for all (or get a new one).

Yep, hubby has sciatica all the way down his leg like I did. It wasn't bad at first, but now I can tell he has to be in considerable pain because he is very "snappy" when I talk to him and that is how he gets when something is hurting him. He gets like a bear. He won't take any medicines either because he says he doesn't take drugs. I told him that it would really help him to take some Naproxen or Ibuprofen, and that stuff doesn't make you sleepy so he doesn't have to worry about that. But he says no. But he did say he will go with me to the back doctor and talk to him then even if they charge him double office co-pay. That's on the 23rd so not too far off. I should crush the meds up and put it in his food to make him feel better. He is such a crabass when he doesn't feel well.

Jeff and Whitney made a very good lunch. Fried polenta and seasoned sweet potato wedges. Yummy, they are so tasty! They are really good cooks and make these dinners from scratch nearly every night even when they have to work late. I am not so much of a cook-from-scratch person but do it more now because I have to watch my sodium intake and sugar in my diet. But we are still meat-eaters though the portions we now eat of it are a lot smaller. Jeff and Whitney are die-hard vegetarians and never eat even a speck of meat.

Well off to write some letters and have a cup of hot chocolate to warm me up.

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