Friday, January 02, 2009

Awesome socks - infused with aloe

I bought a pair of these socks last week and had to find more of them. They are of the softest fabric I have ever felt. I only wear these in the evening after I have my jammies on because I want them to be special. I wanted to buy a couple more pairs of them but when we went back to Kohl's they didn't have them except for a pair of toe socks in that same soft fabric. So I got those and wear them with the toes hanging off the front because I can't stand how the toes feel.

I was disappointed that there were no more of these socks at the store here in town, so on the way home from work yesterday, Jon stopped at the Kohl's near where he works and they had lots of them! He surprised me with a pink pair, another aqua pair and pale yellow. And I didn't think he was paying attention. What a sweetie!

(They also sell these at Bath and Body Works)

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