Sunday, January 11, 2009

My new phone

For Xmas, hubby bought me a new LG Dare phone pictured here. (I just ordered the red case cover online a couple days ago.) I love it! Everything is touch screen and it has a built-in camera and a drawing pad.

Besides the case I ordered the earphones, too. For some reason my Bluetooth from my old phone won't jive. I read online that some brands of Bluetooth don't work with the Dare phone. But the earphones will be fine since you have to have the phone nearby anyway or it won't work.

In addition to the earphones, I ordered a car charger, mini disk and screen protectors. I got them all from various vendors via and the whole bunch of stuff was only $49. Just the car charger alone from Verizon is $35. So, I got very good deals on the accessories.

The feature I really think is cool on this phone is that you can write on the screen to write text messages to people. Write on the writing pad with your finger and it comes up as text. It's awesome! I haven't figured out the voice command thingy yet, but will set that up sometime soon. I also want to figure out how to load music into it for ringtones via the micro disk. Anyone know how to do that?

Anyway, that's my new toy!

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