Sunday, April 13, 2008

What a day!

Well, today was a torturous day of grueling discomfort, but I can't wait much longer to find a dress for our son's wedding which is next month. But I managed to find one, and it is alot like the one pictured here only mine is navy and the jacket is sapphire and various shades of sparkly blues and a little bit of silver interwoven into the jacket. I just love it.

I had gone online to Nordstrom's site and found a dress with jacket that I absolutely loved, called their yesterday and someone said yes, they have a decent selection of the type I am looking for. So, I painfully squeeze my gouty foot into my shoe, and we drive to Oakbrook Mall to Nordstrom's. It's a very inconvenient mall. Everything is outdoors and entrances every which way. Hubby dropped me off at the entrance to Nordstrom's and he went to park the van while I waited for him. Just me and a mean goose were there on the sidewalk, and it was hissing at me! NO WAY could I frickin' run away from this thing, so I would have had to resort to defending myself with my purse or something. But fortunately it only hissed and nothing more.

Went all the way into Nordstrom's....limping painfully. I was thinking the whole time "I MUST BE CRAZY!" But hoped to get what I had seen online and go home. No such luck. Make my way all the way to the third floor, having to stop along the way, only to be told when I get to that department "Oh, we don't carry stuff that is online in the store". I was LIVID. I told the young, snooty woman that I wouldn't have come in with my bad foot if someone wouldn't have told me that yes, they have similar stuff there in the store. All she could say was "I'm sorry" and sigh.

I checked around a bit and found an aqua long skirt and floral jacket set that was gorgeous but the jacket was nearly $600 and the skirt was $400! No way would I pay that for one day even if I did have the money. So, we decided to take a chance on Macy's. I had gone to the Macy's near home and they had this dark navy dress with metallic jacket in shades of blue and sapphire that I loved but they didn't have my size at that store. BUT they had one here in a size 10 and I thought I needed at least a 12 but I tried the 10 on and it FIT! I couldn't believe it... a 10! (Something good is coming from all this suffering this past year!)

So, got my dress and hobbled out. Jon went to retrieve the van and picked me up and I immediately took off the damn shoe.

We decided to stop for a fish sandwich at Wendy's on the way home. I can eat certain things at certain places and I wanted him to go through the drive-thru but he said "can you make it inside and we can sit and eat". I said, ok...very hesitant to put my damn shoe back on, but I did. On the way in, he made a joke that they probably wouldn't have fish since I walked on my painful foot to get in there, and sure enough. NO FISH SANDWICH. Geesh!

So, we left there and went to Denny's. I got dropped by the door and he went and parked the van and walked back (it was very crowded). While we were waiting for our name to be called, I was sitting on this little mini couch at the front hoping these little kids wouldn't run over and step on my foot. I was ready to kick them if they came anywhere near me. But soon our name was called and we got a nice, big booth. Nice thing about having a big husband, the waitresses all see that we need a big booth. :D I got the fish, vegetable and a small root beer. He got the Grand Slam breakfast with the pancakes and the whole shebang. I don't know how he can eat all that and he ate it before I had even finished my first piece of fish.

So, though I will have to suffer to get the swelling to come back down again, I am glad I got that done and over with. Now I can just relax and keep this doggone foot up for several days and see if I can get this gout attack to completely go away. This is the longest attack I have ever had. Today is day 7 of this crap. I read it can sometimes go on for week. I sure hope not! I want to be able to dance at our son's wedding!


Sinikka said...

Greetings from Finland..
Beautiful dress. I really hope you can dance with it then.

Stardust said...

Hi sinikka! You found my blog! How are you?

Yes, I do hope I can dance at the wedding. This is day 19 of the gout and it's not going away. I see a new RA doctor on the 6th...hopefully there will be a cancellation and I can get in sooner.