Thursday, April 24, 2008


This is day 19 of gout attack. I have been keeping to a very strict minimum food diet, only a few kinds of foods that I know don't bother me and are very low purine or none. I have been drinking gallons and gallons of water and cherry juice, taking cherry pills, and stopped taking the vitamins or anything high in niacin that might perpetuate the gout attack. Nothing works except super high doses of Prednisone, but that was giving me terrible heart irregularities and had to stop.

Despite my ulcers and asthma, and not supposed to be taking Ibuprofen, I decided to try it anyway yesterday, alternating Ibuprofen, then Acetaminophen. Now, I have a terrible burning stomach on top of foot pain. It seemed to lessen the inflammation (or maybe it was just wishful thinking) in the toe and foot, but can't irritate the ulcers or I will have double trouble. SO, now I wait, and wait for my damn doctor appointment on May 6th. I have decided to go to a new rheumatologist since my original RA doctor just up and left without a word, and the doctor who took over her patients is just too darn busy and several weeks behind (and so what does he do? He goes on vacation and his office says if there is an urgent problem to see my family doctor who knows NOTHING about gout or Lupus). This is all quite frustrating, and especially considering the fact that there is the wedding in just four weeks!

Then I am not supposed to get stressed out because stress makes these conditions what is going on? My son's car is still in a million pieces in the garage while hubby takes his time fixing it while our son still has our nice new car in the city and who knows what is happening to it. Then to top it off, I can't get ahold of him at the moment because his phone is DISCONNECTED...and his internet is disconnected, as well. I don't know how young people can be so nonchalant about bill paying. It disturbs me greatly when we once in a blue moon forget to send out a bill on time. But the young people purposely ignore them and think "whatever" about late fees and reconnection charges. I don't get it.


Andrea said...

Hi Star. Sorry to be off topic here, but I had to change blogs because of a cyberstalking situation. Anyway, the new blog is still being worked on, and it's nothing much, but I wanted to let you know that the old blog is closed down.

Stardust said...

Hi andrea, that stinks! A cyberstalker. Creepy people can sure take the joy out of things. Let me know when the new blog is up and running! Hope you keep coming around.

Andrea said...

It's an annoying loser I know in real life, actually.
Anyway, the new blog is up, although I'm still working on it. The link is in my profile.

Stardust said...

Cool new site! I love it!