Saturday, April 26, 2008

Time sure flies!

It seems like the week goes by so fast and like the movie Groundhog Day, it's the weekend, then the weekend, then the weekend....time is going by so fast!

Only four more weeks till Jeff and Whitney's wedding! I just can't believe how fast that came up. Seems like we were just saying it was a year away, then six months away, and now it's only one month away! All plans seem to be going well, except for a couple of minor aggravating changes that had to be made. Now is just getting people to RSVP so they know how many are coming to the reception and what they want to eat. Why do people procrastinate? We heard from the people we expected to hear back from, but there are still so many that haven't even said if they are coming or not.

I have my dress, I need to find comfortable shoes now. The gout finally seems to be easing up. I am staying with a vegetarian diet now, probably forever because I don't ever want another attack like that again...EVER. I am still limping some, and still annoying but feels great compared to what it was for awhile.

Now off to do something else and get my butt off this computer. Hubby is home. My weekends are my crazy time as it is quite hectic since he is sort of "hyper" and then has tv on CONSTANTLY when he is home. And if my foot wasn't bad he would want me to go here, there and everywhere with him. He would like me to go to LOWES and Menards with him. I find those places unbearably BORING. It's as boring for me as it is clothes shopping for him. I hate home improvement places , except for the garden centers...I like to buy flowers. That will be pretty soon! Yay!

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