Monday, August 20, 2007

Rain rain go away

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I was woken up this morning by the sound of thunderbolts crashing down around the house. The rain sounded as if the skies opened, dumping the entire water from Lake Michigan onto us. A deluge of water.

The power had gone out sometime before I got up and came back on. I knew this because the digital clocks on appliances were 00.00 and blinking. The internet was also screwed up which happens each and every time we have a lightning storm. It takes several attempts before things are functioning again, and a couple of calls to Comcast to have them reset the modem connection there. They told me my router was fried and to connect directly, which I did. That worked, but when I attempted to reconnect the router, it didn't work. I tried it again and saw a little spark come from the place where the power plugs into the modem. I had to do this several times before it finally started working. Must be some kind of short in the router that is causing our problems lately. I am ready to bet money on it.

My big toe is throbbing today. Probably because of the rainy weather, and the fact that I finished off the chili we made for dinner night before last. We didn't make it with salt, but the tomatoes do something to me that makes my joint pain worse. I LOVE tomatoes, so this is very hard. It's getting to the point were I am going to be on a baby food diet. :-( I can't eat most of the things I used to enjoy...chocolate, tomatoes, pizza, french fries, hamburgers, hot dogs, tacos and nachos. I can eat oatmeal with no problems. I had some low sodium, low fat cream of mushroom soup over Healthy Life toast yesterday. I can eat most veggies with no problem. I can eat salads with limited amounts of dressing and tomatoes.

Back to the rain...there is a stream flowing across the back of our lot, and there wasn't one there before. I look out and can see a "lake" behind the houses across the street towards the soccer fields. Our sump pump is running non-stop. Our pool is overflowing from the top and I would like to go out there and drain some out, but it just keeps coming down from the skies and there hasn't been any letting up to allow me to do so.

The grass is a nice kelly green, and the flowers' thirst is very well-quenched, but I think enough is enough and would be nice to see the sunshine again.

I am trying to figure out where these flies are coming from. Last night there were three flies in Miller's tank, freaking her out. My Beardie is cowardly when it comes to insects, and she can't stand even if a gnat gets into her tank. One fly was a fluorescent silvery, another was bluish and another one bottle-green. I killed them all. I don't like killing things and feel very sorry when I do...except for flies, roaches and centipedes. I have no remorse about killing any of those critters. I don't feel bad about ants either. I usually spare the lives of spiders, wasps, bees, etc if possible.

I am trying to hobble up and down the stairs to do laundry for our upcoming trip. We are planning to go help our daughter move her stuff from a house she barely lived in in Philadelphia and move to her new place she is renting near Richmond. She has moved every single year since left to go away to school in 2000. And each and every year my husband insists on helping her move. He wants to help. He likes to be needed. And he can't stand to see the kids squander money, even if they are adults now and living on their own.

So, a long drive is ahead of us again. But it will be good to see our daughter again, see where she lives and what her new place looks like. Hope the weather and my toe cooperates.

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