Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hubby makes chili...from scratch!

I was visiting my sister today, and hubby went to the movies to see Harry Potter with my son and his friend. I didn't want to see Harry Potter because I found the first two dreadfully boring. I don't even remember what happened in them, but I do remember my butt was numb and I spent the whole two hours squirming and waiting for it to be over with. But he enjoyed it. It must be a guy movie because all the guys I know like Harry Potter and most females I know find it uninteresting and dull.

So, I went to visit my sister instead. Had a nice salad lunch with her and her little grandson. He is so cute. A little blondie with big blue eyes and looks both like his mommy and his daddy. He is so well-behaved too. At nap time he went into the closet where his toys are, and got his little blanket and went and climbed up on my sister's bed and went right to sleep! I don't know how his parents got him to do this. My kids always protested nap time when they were little. But all my sister's grandkids crawl willingly into bed for their afternoon naps.

After the movie, hubby went to the grocery store and got all the fixin's for chili. He got fresh tomatoes, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, celery and hamburger. He had it all started when I got home. He chopped the veggies, browned the beef, and I added the spices. It was very delicious. He does like to cook when he has the time. I am not big on cooking, though I can...and do. There is enough chili to last the next couple of days, so neither one of us has to cook.

Then we will be leaving to go out east to help our daughter move. She has moved every year for the past 7 years and Jon insists on helping her each time. He wants to make sure there are no problems, and make sure she is settled in and things are alright. He also wants to make sure she doesn't get ripped off moneywise. He got a hitch to put on our van so we can rent a U-haul trailer to save her a bunch of money on truck rental. We should be able to fit everything in the van and trailer. We shall see. I hope she stays put for longer this time.

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