Saturday, August 02, 2008

August already!

This year has been going by incredibly fast, hasn't it? It seems that not that long ago we were welcoming in a new year and now it's two thirds gone by. Is it just me or does time seem to go by faster and faster with each year we age?

It's hot and humid out today. Typical summer August days. Makes me want to watch the film "A Long Hot Summer" or "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof". Maybe I will drive over to the video store and see if they have those.

The picture above is of my favorite collection...House Mouse Designs. They are so cute.


Anonymous said...

Really cute picture. Reminds me of my vacation. And still having this week left. Sinikka

Stardust said...

Hi Sinikka! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you and your sons are well.