Friday, June 06, 2008

A Pet Peeve of Mine - Savers Cards

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Why can't stores simply put stuff on sale instead of making people carry around these little idiotic plastic cards to be presented to get the sale price? And what is even more senseless is that if we say we don't have the card they just use the "in-store manager's" card. So what's the point? And it's hard to find a grocery store that has old-fashioned sale prices where everyone can take advantage without having to present a card to get the deals.

It's not only grocery stores anymore. I was in Hallmark a couple weeks ago and they talked me into getting a Gold Crown card to save up points so I can get money off on my umpteenth purchase or something. I filled it out to get the little bit of a discount that day, but chucked it when I got home because I don't go there very often enough to ever get the points to get the "deals". Ace Hardware in our town now has the savers card, so does PetSmart, Borders, CVS drugs, and a couple other places I have been asked if I want to sign up for "the card".

Now I understand why the old people
long for the olden days when life was simpler because I am becoming one of them.

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